Entering the 21st century,Construction industry is facing a new revolution.Green environmental protection, health fashion is the theme of the construction industry in the future.With the improvement of people's living standard, more and more people begin to pay close attention to health, energy conservation and environmental protection has gradually become the important selling point of the whole Construction industry.

Glass is the pronoun of environmental health and fashion in the construction industry. Using glass in the Building can reduce the building materials of the harm to human body.On the other way , Using glass not only simple fashion and energy saving, But also daylighting effect is very good. So the glass will be greatly adopted in the construction in the future.

A large number of glass is purchasing , it will inevitably procurement related to the glass door clamp and other glass hardware products. This is a huge business opportunities for the glass hardware enterprises.

Guangdong Aolito Hardware Manufacture Co., Ltd. is specializing in design and manufacture of Glass shower hinges, Bathroom accessories hardware,Floor spring, Patch fitting, Glass lock and class door handles.

Our company AOLITO product are Specially designed for glass and customization.

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